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Other Teams
Other Teams Pictures
This is a team from the Living Water church in North Dakota.

"Last summer our dream became a reality with a few puppets bought on ebay, some One Way Street pre-recorded materiel, and eventually our puppet booth made from your design.  We had about a dozen of our 餳 Klub Kids稯 wanted to be puppeteers, and [M] and I had a wonderful group going for the last half of the summer.  However, when school started again we had so many problems.  Our puppeteer team mostly came from 3 different towns殢sp;  3 different school systems and scheduled activities,  family activities, etc.  We just simply couldn?t everyone together in a realistic manner for practices. We dropped down to only those in our own congregation, with the exception of [D] who wanted very much to still be a part and would go to any rehearsal we scheduled.  Even these are difficult because we are STILL dealing with 3 different towns about 10 miles apart (and I live 20 miles away), so regular practices are still nearly impossible. (In our winter weather, too).

We all think that heaven on earth would be ALL going to the same church in the same town!  Given that, we would have no problem with a zillion kids wanting to be on the puppet team.  As it is, it may have to be mainly a 孭er activity鮠our situation.  Well, adversity seems to be the mother of invention, and we have MUCH inventiveness in our congregation and puppet group.  None of us has a single doubt that God planted us where we are to do what we are doing and we are curious to see where God takes us with it. So, yes please, we could use all the prayers we can get for Living Water Fellowship Puppet Group.

S. B., Nielsville, MN

This photo was sent by T. S. of  New Albany, Indiana. This is a puppet that she made from the medium puppet pattern.

Here are more puppets made by T. S..

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