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This is one of our ventriloquists. She started about a year before this picture was taken in the summer of 2001. A ventriloquist adds another dimension to your team and really broadens the types of things that you are able to do.
Performing one of our songs in Canton, TX.
Performing "Interstellar Communication Device" from One Way Street in Canton, TX.
This is Jerry Tolbert and Muffin (Vern Daily). Some of you may recognize Muffin from the Mr. Peppermint show that originated at WFAA TV in Dallas and was syndicated across the U.S. 

We had the privilege of performing at the same show with them in Canton, TX on one of our mission trips. That is our portable stage Muffin is performing behind.

Displayed with permission of Jerry Tolbert and Vern Dailey.
This is a rare photograph of Muffin's puppeteer, Vern Dailey. Vern performed for many years (possibly all of them) on the Mr. Peppermint show. The show itself ran 35 years.

Here are some photos of Mr. Peppermint with Muffin:

Displayed with permission of Vern Dailey.

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