Specializing in reasonably priced, portable puppet stages.
Take our stage on your next mission trip!


Where to buy Puppets on the Web:

Puppet Productions

One Way Street on the Web

The V.I.P Puppet Company


The Puppet Factory

Cyndeelou's Puppets

Puppets with Personality

Puppet Revelation, Inc.


Bratton Specialties

http://www.fullbodypuppets.com ...Hand Puppets and Puppet Theatre Resources

Joyful Creations

Puppets for Jesus ...a ministry designed to help other children's ministries by providing free puppet skits, object lessons, game ideas, curriculum, & more!

PTL Puppets

Where to buy or find Puppet Stages or Plans (besides here):

Puppet Productions

One Way Street on the Web

Puppet Revelation

The V.I.P Puppet Company

Kingdom Karactors Puppet Stages

PUPPET STAGES - The Puppet Gallery

The Puppet Factory

Unity Christian Theatre Company - Puppet Stage Design

Puppetry Hand Puppet Stages

Plans For a Traveling Puppet Stage

God's Little People Puppet Ministry ...puppets ministries, puppet, children, church, Christian, family

Where to buy Music and/or Scripts (pre-recorded or books):

Spanish Children's Ministry Resources

Puppet Productions

One Way Street on the Web

Other ministries on the web:

Resources for Christian Teachers



Puppet2Puppet Puppet Play Productions

SS Puppet Factory

Bible Pathways

PUPPET THEATER - Construction and Performance of Puppets

  Dharoo - a shopping directory

Puppetry Forums:

Puppets and Stuff

Puppeteers of America

Bible Puppet - Puppetweb Global Puppetry Forum

Muppet Central

Need Velcro or a Hook and Loop Substitute (it's cheaper on the Web):

http://www.fastenation.com/        The last time I looked, about $.52 per yard for Velcro brand

http://www.jontay.com/               The last time I looked, about $.15 per yard for substitute hook and loop (this is where I get mine)


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