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Portable Puppet Stage

This portable puppet stage was designed for mission trips but it is just as versatile for use at home or in the classroom as it is when traveling on the road.

The folded deluxe stage is 54"x30"x8"; starter stage is 54"x30"x6". All of the parts required to setup the stage are stored inside the stage itself. Straps make the stage easier to carry and store.
Folded puppet stage
The deluxe stage is made up of seven hinged panels; starter stage is 4 panels. The curtain is made of medium weight denim or cotton blend; perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The curtain may be removed easily for washing. Unfolding puppet stage
The stage can be easily setup by a single puppeteer in under five minutes. Two puppeteers can set it up in under three minutes.

This folding stage is a fairly unique design. The joints are extremely durable and enhance the overall sturdiness of the stage making it easier for one person to setup.

Unfolding standing puppet stage
The backdrop support consists of several pieces plus a curtain. Each piece is designed to fit into the folded stage. Heavy duty PVC (schedule 40) is used because of its strength. The thickness of the PVC causes fittings to be tighter preventing curtains from "falling" during a performance. 

Deluxe stage only: Note the wings on the left and right side. These allow more puppeteers on the upper stage and allows your team more room to spread out without being visible to your audience.

If you look carefully, you can see a strap hanging from the bottom of the curtain. This is wrapped around the lower pipe of the backdrop and velcroed to the curtain itself to keep it from blowing off in windy conditions (outdoors of course).

Putting backdrop on the puppet stage
The two tiered design allows special interaction between puppets on the upper and lower stages. It also allows more puppeteers to be involved. This is fairly common in stage designs. Puppet stage with puppets
The finished stage from above. Finished puppet stage
The front of the stage can be pulled forward allowing more depth to be used on the lower stage. As many as five puppeteers can fit within the lower stage depending on the configuration. Re-configured puppet stage
Here is an overhead view of the stage with the dimensions and an example of the alternate alignment as seen in the picture above.

Puppet Stage Plans - Build it Yourself

How would you like to build the deluxe stage you see in the pictures above?

The plans that I sell build exactly the same stage you see above.

Items you must furnish:

  • PVC pipes
  • PVC connectors
  • PVC primer and glue
  • Other optional items
  • Curtain material and velcro (or substitute)
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    How to Order this Stage
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